Welcome to NOVEMBER!!!! It’s another first Friday and another opportunity to spotlight an individual who is living simply & passionately. (full video below)

Meet Shanicia Boswell, founder of Black Moms Blog and passionate mom-preneur! Shanicia is one of those impactful souls that refuses to sit back and complain when she sees a problem around her. After noticing a lack of representation of black women among the motherhood blogger scene, she decided to be the one to do something about it. In less than 2 years, Black Moms Blog has reached over 300,000 women and encourages community, empowerment, and inclusion for women across the world! She turned her passion into a platform and does so while creating a profitable life for her family!  Many people wonder, "How can you make money blogging, how do you start a business as a single mom, and how do you become an influencer without compromising your values?" Tune in to hear how Shanicia started her journey and where she sees this brand going in the very near future! Be on the lookout for more collaborations between our brands! Live simply and passionately!

Join us for our 1st Birthday Party: Saturday, November 11, 2017 3pm-6pm for a passion board party/ mixer! Our last passion board party was a huge success so you definitely don’t want to miss out this time! For more information and to get your tickets ---- http://splturnsone.eventbrite.com
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