Happy Wellness Wednesday! As a tribute to the International Day of the Girl, please enjoy our special edition WCW episode today!

In this final installment of our 3-part series for breast cancer awareness gives an amazing inside look to the sold out Purposely Pink Bruncheon that took place in Atlanta, GA last weekend for breast cancer awareness month. During this event, the participants were encouraged, enlightened, educated and empowered to truly become their own advocates. From a male spouse of a stage two breast cancer survivor to the CEO of TGIN Products, participants were given the tools necessary to dispel the common myths surrounding breast cancer! THIS IS A MUST SHARE!!!! Become a partner with Painted Pink Incorporated by donating today and don’t miss out on next year’s brunch.

Common myths:

-Breast cancer only impacts women.

-You must have a genetic link to the disease to be diagnosed.

- Women under 40 do not have to conduct breast checks.

-Physical and psychological health do not prevent impact of disease.

-Underwire bras and deodorant cause cancer.

-Women of color have the same survival rate as Caucasian patients.

Learn more at www.paintedpink.org

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Women poised to be empowered by brunch speakers

Women poised to be empowered by brunch speakers