Happy December! We are preparing for a new year but FIRST... we must conclude this year with our last Spotlight with Trefle Designs!This video brought me so much joy to record, edit, and share because it is a story of perseverance and joy during storms!

Meet Kristin Frazer; a designer, lover, and LIVER of life! I had the pleasure of interviewing her just hours before her big surprise from the Fearless Foundation! During this spotlight, she spoke about how she looks at her journey as a wave that she is riding through life! She maintains the perspective that although she's been through ups and downs she would not trade her journey for anything in the world! In her words, "I'm just riding the wave!"

Although Kristin keeps an extremely positive outlook, she couldn't have guessed what would happen next! She was in complete shock when she was asked to join Michelle Williams, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Meagan Good Franklin, and Arian Simone on the stage later that night! THere was not a dry eye in the room when the fearless foundation awarded her with thousands of dollars to rebuild her business and blessed the crowd with an opportunity to serve her even further! I am so excited to be a part of Kristin's journey and love that she was able to rub off on me. Be sure to support her business via her site below, to subscribe, and to like/share this story! Live simply and passionately!

~Precious KW

After her big surprise!

After her big surprise!

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