Hello Simply Passionate Life! I know I am not the only one that has ever woken up, looked up at the ceiling and thought, "there has got to be more to life!" Thankfully, there have been a lot less of these morning since I began Simply Passionate Life however this is a manifestation of a common longing for most ambitious millenials! What is this longing you ask? It's the desire to have an IMPACT! The passion to leave an indellible mark on your sphere of influence!

Must Wach: You have got to check out my latest vlog post to see the whole day play out!! It was completely bananas!

It was for this purpose that I set out to solve a problem that I saw in our generation: discontentment! Many of my peers displayed a level of "I'll be happy when" and it grieved me to the core.What few people realize is, they are given a daily opportunity to impact their world in simple ways that are often overlooked! I knew that I could find a practical way to teach people how to live a joy-filled life so that the can be present and content in any circumstance; not just once they've "arrived." So when I learned that there was a business workshop in Atlanta with Maya Elious, owner of Built to Impact branding agency, I had to figure out a way to make it!

As a new entrepreneur, and an often overextended wife and mom, I set out to find a way to invest in myself and my business by registering for this seminar! I prayed for God to make a way and then I went to WERK!!!! With my first three registrations for my 31-day challenge, I sowed the profits back into my business by securing my ticket. I WAS SO PROUD!!!! Then the drama began! (Thankfully I documented it all or else you probably wouldn't believe me!Check out the video above!)  I went from a natural hair fail to a preteen schedule mishap that led to me being double-booked for the @mayaelious & @ladieswhobrunchatl seminar that I'd just invested in and really really really wanted to attend! In the end, everything worked out and I was able to be in virtually two places at one time! IT was only by God's grace through the support of My Tribe that I made it!

It was completely bananas! I've learned that whenever you set out to do something to improve yourself or be productive for your business you can expect something to attempt to stand in your way! DON't let it! You are your own best project and worth all of the fuss! Pressing through all of my mompreneur hurdles made the "Build a brand with an impact" event even sweeter!  Maya's session reminded me of all the things I needed in order to continue to help women transform their lives. Through the short  3 hours, it was reiterated that you can not start with influence! You must first invest in your audience, work on impacting one person and then influencing thousands mpre will come seamlessly! I'm forever grateful for this boost in clarity, so ready to reach deeper depths, and equipped to soar higher heights in the new year!