In the times when the original emotion in which you began starts to fade, how will you respond? Will you back down, quit, give up, or give in? The world needs your vision to come to pass so DON'T Quit! I hope that the Four A's to stay the course will give you the ammunition you need to stay motivated and see your goals come to fruition.

Four A's

Ambition- We begin with a belief that either our cause is noble, we are capable, or we are worth the work! However, in order for ambition to be sustainable, it must move past selfish ambition and into a steadfast determination to serve a purpose bigger than yourself! Whether in your faith, family, or fitness, root your motivation should be rooted in the potential impact reaching your goals will have on the world. Ask yourself this questions, "If my dreams come true will I simply change my life or impact our world?"

Awareness- People generally fall in one of two categories! They are keenly aware of there weakness and overlook their strengths, or they are overly aware of their strengths and disregard their weakness. In order to successfully stick to your goals, you must play to your strengths and know what triggers/roadblocks can be avoided due to your weaknesses.

Acceptance: Once you do some self-exploration, accept the findings with open arms! Accepting yourself does not mean being stagnant or settling. It means that you now have the data necessary to improve upon your weakness and use that growth as motivation to keep working toward your goals. Stop trying to put a square peg in a round hole and excel in your own lane!

Accountability: Yes, in 2018, many people want to believe that they are self-made successes! The truth is, everyone needs an accountability system that will not only encourage you but challenge self-defeating ideologies and habits! Check the circle you have around you! If you don't have someone to remind you of your "why" and call you out when you are jeopardizing your progress- begin to make a change!

Join us in March for more motivation at our Stone Mountain meet-up! You may even meet the accountability partner you have been needing!