Am I beautiful? We all want the answer to this question to be YES unequivocally, but what is beauty anyway? Check out the 18 ways I'm redefining beauty in 2018 via the vlog below!  

When The Beauty Campaign approached me to share my view of the definition of beauty I was more than happy to so because many women are missing the passionate life because they are stuck in self-doubt and low self-image. I believe the secret to looking and feeling beautiful is confidence or better yet 'Godfidence.' Many of us trust God for a number of things but do not trust the fundamental truth that everything that He said everything He created was good! As a result of sin's place in our world, the "naked and unashamed" view we once had has been distorted to shame. The only answer is looking to our creator to gain reassurance of his original plan through Christ's redemption. In him, all things are made new! 

True beauty starts from within and manifests as an acceptance and embrace of what makes you unique. While watching the Grammy's I, along with the whole black community, saw a confident Rihanna celebrating and performing "Wild Thoughts" in at a closer to average size than her former size 2 frame. I for one, since I'm so out of touch with pop culture, was screaming "Yasssss" at the screen and dancing right alongside her! That's beauty, crowding out the media, naysayers and popular opinion to love yourself, cultivate your own beauty, and accentuate your strengths rather than magnifying your weaknesses! Love the person you are while you work to be the person you desire. Treat that natural hair right, exercise, eat healthily, meditate, grow spiritually and love the skin you are in!

I can’t believe I got through 18 questions in under 10 minutes! WOW Here are some of the lightning round fun facts about me!

1.    Favorite music? Soul music (Mali Music is my fave, you can't beat gospel and soul)

2.    Favorite person? My MOMMA (I love you HUBBY)

3.    Favorite movie? The Notebook

4.    Favorite pastry? Croissants

5.    Favorite workout? Kickboxing or high-intensity interval training HIIT

6.    Favorite Thing to do? Exercise and sleep

7.   Favorite beauty product? I don’t really wear perfume but coconut oil is bae!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me! Love you so so much! But God loves you more!

Live Simply and Passionately

Precious KW




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