Watch below to see how I began my pescatarian lifestyle by jump-starting with a vegetarian challenge! We are gearing up for our 31-day wellness challenge on January 1st, 2018!

Do you find yourself stuck in the same place mentally, physically, or emotionally; and are ready to see quality changes in your life? Well, I hope that the lessons I learned during my recent 10-day vegetarian challenge give you some tools to spark a transformation in your own life. Through commitment, consistency, and challenge; we can begin to spark small changes that ripple into large improvements in our holistic physical, emotional and spiritual health. For me committing to a new pescatarian lifestyle has transformed my mind with regards to what’s possible for myself. For you, it may be being more committed to exercise, consistent with your relationships, or challenging yourself to set more ambitious goals!

Looking for a way to start? Join us for our Passion Board Party on November 11, 2017 where we will begin working on outlining our passions! This party will help you develop the action steps to reach overall growth in your faith, family and fitness! Our last party was a blast! Check out the recap here----->