2018 is upon us; do you have a plan to become a healthier and happier you? Yes everyone claims that a new year means a new you but nothing in your life will change without intentionality! The key difference between a successful resolution and a lofty wish is accountability!

Our 31-day challenge offers the perfect level of support as you aim to transform your life! All change you seek to see in your life must first begin with a renewal of your mind! During this challenge, women of all stages of life will focus of recharging mentally, physically and spiritually! Check out the FAQs, in the video above or listed below, for our challenge and be sure to register before January 1, 2018! It's time to soar to the next level in your journey! Let us help you get there! 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and responses:

Do you have to live in Atlanta to participate?

NOPE! This challenge is completed virtually so all are welcome!

Do you have to be a vegetarian to participate?

Girl NO, NEITHER AM I!!!!! This is a holistic wellness challenge, not a restrictive eating challenge! All participants will get a weekly shopping list, a daily smoothie recipe and are suggested to have a hearty salad during each day but we do not tell you what you can not have!

I am out of shape, can I keep up?

ABSOLUTELY! the workouts provided range from low-intensity body weight to higher intensity strength training. All workouts provided are under 30 minutes as a way to make it more reasonable for busy moms, wive's or girl-bosses! There is definitely something for everyone!

I am pregnant or nursing can I participate

Yes! As stated this challenge is not a restrictive eating challenge and all workouts are under 30 minutes! However, after consulting your physician if you would like to modify or eliminate the workouts, the mental and spiritual resources will be completely well worth it! Not to mention, the accountability and support of the other participants are exactly what us mommas need!

I'm not religious can I participate?

Yes! The hope is that you will find a closer connection to women who will help you seek God for yourself and learn more about His plan for your life!

As the second time offering this challenge, I am ecstatic because I have seen women not only shed physical excess but drop dead weight mentally and spiritually as well! For those who are returning for the second time, I am siked to see the continued growth you will make in your journey toward holistic wellness! For those who are still debating, DON'T! This will be one of the most grace-filled months of your life! We hope to partner together soon! Live simply and passionately!


I love you so so much!

Precious KW

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