Have you ever looked around at your mess and said: "Where do I start?" Have you ever silently wished you could afford or trust someone else to declutter your life! Well, the wait is over!

Whether you are a stay at home mom, housewife, single entrepreneur, or girl boss on the go, we all could use a little more help around the house! The cleaning specialists over at The Haven Co. have come to a rescue for with both a giveaway AND a discount for all SImply Passionate Life Subscribers! Wait, whaaat did you say?1?!? Check out all the details below and watch the footage above to see our experience with The Haven Co. 

5 Things That Make Haven Co Different! 

1. Seamless booking- I love how you can use the online system to select a time and date for your appointment anywhere!

2. Transparent Billing- It is so rare to get an itemized cost analysis for service-based business! They get an A+ for that alone!

3. Customizable Chore List- I love how you can get a full house service or an a la carte chore service! Even within the full house service, you can still leave specific directions with your cleaning specialist!

4. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies- We were pleasantly surprised that we were welcomed to a fresh smell and not a cloud of harmful chemicals! Good for my home and good for the earth: total WIN!

5. Philanthropic efforts (percentage of proceeds go to the Atlanta Area Food Bank)- This is honestly my favorite part!!! It is so important to support small businesses that understand their role in the greater wellbeing of the communities they serve! The Haven Co is definitely a business of integrity! 

I am so excited to share this opportunity with my SPL family! Check out all the deets below, mmmk'!


Coupon Code: SPL20 - $20 off the 1st visit, can only be used once per customer, no end date.

Contest Open/End Date: Jan 15th to Jan 28th, 2018
Winner Announcement: Jan 29, 2018

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Love you so much!

~Precious KW