Happy Valentine’s day which many affectionately call Galentine’s day! Choosing a spouse is one life's greatest decisions... choose wisely! Do you ask yourself "Is this meant to be?  Then watch and read more about my experience at the Love, Respect and Building the Covenant Panel!

I have always been a lover of this day because I’m festive and I love to show love in all forms. Although I am now married, I remember the bittersweet nature of this holiday when you are single, saved, and trying to live sanctified! There are so many questions that swarm around your head especially as you fight to follow what the bible says amidst the culture around us.

In this part two of the Virtuous Life real talk panel, we get down to an unfiltered talk about women approaching men, courtship, old-fashioned vs new school dating, love, respect, and lastly when to love vs when to leave! HUNNNYYYYY You don’t want to miss this video and you definitely want to share it with your girlfriends! I don't want to spoil it by spilling the tea... just watch!  Don’t forget to subscribe and share also. 

Happy Valentine's Day!


Precious KW